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A unique concept , Musical Home tutions provides gainful employment to music gurus and trained professionals while providing talented students of all ages with focussed guidance in the traditional "Guru-Shishya" parampara.

Musical Home Tutions is on the lookout for professional teachers / tutors/ trainers

who wish to undertake home tutions within and on the outskirts / suburbs of Mumbai. We get enquiries and provide for home tutions in Mumbai and adjoining areas. If you are qualified to train beginners or advanced students in any discipline of music be it Western, Indian or even regional, you can register yourselves with us with your detailed bio-data, work experience etc. and area preferences where you would like to take tutions. You could be a Vocalist, Tabla player, guitar player, dancer, violin player, piano player, flute player etc. but you MUST BE A MASTER IN YOUR SUBJECT.

Dear Musician,


As you know the overall standard of music in India is falling to new lows every day. All sorts of pretenders, bathroom singers and mediocre musicians are using marketing, publicity and other methods to gain acceptance and are now ruling top levels as music performers, judges, recording artistes and even trainers. As a result, after the passage of musical giants like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Dr. Ashok Ranade, Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hasan and more, the vacuum in music education and inspiration is growing deeper and wider. The new generation is identifying crass and cheap stuff like say Kolaveri D or Pungi baja de as genuine lyrical and musical material and drifting away from real class. Therefore, we have trouble finding a singer anywhere close to the class of Pt. Jasraj or Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe in the new generation or an instrumentalist of the class of Pt. Ravi Shankar or the late Ali Akbar Khansaheb or trainers of the class of late Pt. Dinkar Kaikini, late Pt. K.G. Ginde or late Dr. Ashok Ranade.

As one who has trained under guru-shishya system, or at least as one who understands the VALUE of direct personal training, I am sure you would love to keep it alive and we will help you do it.

MUSICAL EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY as it is known today, was conceived late 1990 / early 2000 in its earlier identity as MUSICAL HOME TUITIONS. We began with two to three tuitions and today we have 30 to 40 plus concurrent tuitions happening from time to time across the city from Bhandup, Mulund, Chembur, Worli, Cuffe Parade, Bandra, Colaba, Thane, Andheri and diverse locations.

MUSICAL EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY today, has over 40 to 50 qualified music (and growing) professionals, living in different parts of Mumbai, on call for providing direct personal training to people in musical skills on all subjects including Vocal/Guitar/Piano, Tabla, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Viola, Violin, Flute etc. In most cases, they are specialists working in the industry as recording artistes, bands, stage performers, trainers etc. All are highly trained in their respective disciplines and competent to train both newcomers as well as advanced level students with existing background of learning.

We invite you to join our organization as a visiting faculty willing to train people in their houses in the general area where you stay or operate and also willing to travel sometimes to give tuitions to new students and help recreate great musicians through guru-shishya parampara.

You need to send in your bio data to amitabhroy57@yahoo.com and we will register you free of cost. The criteria are that you must be competent to train beginners, at least, and even advanced students, if required, in your subject. You must be conversant with theory-notations, techniques etc., as well as actual singing, playing or dance-as the case may be. In short, you must be capable of giving CORRECT education to your student to at least, put the person on the right way to pursue further study or even give exams in the subject at a later time. Please send us details of-how many years you learnt, who all you trained under, Institutions you may have trained with certificates earned, and if you are capable of teaching any subject(s) of music OTHER than what is your main subject and details of those as well. Contact numbers, email id's, Youtube clips will all help. You can also post your bio data at the address below with all the materials mentioned in case you do not use the internet.

Also, we quote a standard affordable fee from our students who come from different classes and so expect you to work within the reasonable fees offered by us which may not be as much as some high priced music trainers may demand but still good enough to justify your time and effort. We also offer discount to senior citizens who want to pursue music training as a hobby.

For more clarifications, please contact us. Also, please tell other musical trainers about us and help our family grow.


Amitabh Roy
(Hindustani Classical Vocalist, trainer and performing artiste)

NOTE: We do not entertain part-timers or those who have music as a hobby. We need seasoned professionals who are well versed in theory, writing of music and practical performance. Since this is a training service our teachers have to be highly graded and fully competent to train students in whichever subject they apply for.

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